Thursday, November 21, 2013

Still Open

Technically not a ghost sign, because they're still in business.  But, it is an advert, it is art, and it's faded.  So, it qualifies here. 

Also, time is running out to cast your votes for the Ghostsigns calendar competition
We have three that are in the running for inclusion, but none of them should be considered a shoe-in.
As said earlier, Cincinnati has a rich history, and a wealth of wonderful ghost signs, and we think this is a fantastic way to put the city on the international stage in this small, but devoted community of ghost sign fans.  And the Hastings, Nebraska, sign is just plain worthy.
If you haven't voted, I would greatly appreciate your support.  If you have voted, thank you!  Now, spread the word.     
Here's the cheat sheet:
All you have to do is "like" the individual picture.  That counts as a vote.
Thanks!  Now, I'll stop bothering you.

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