Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Some of the Best of the Best

There's so much going on here, the camera doesn't even begin to catch it all.  You've got the Buckeye Saws on the right, the illegible stuff across the top on the left.  Below that, C.M. Mockbee.  Below that, there's signage that wasn't bold enough for the camera, but is visible to the naked eye.  And below that, the Reliance Art Metal sign.
This is the fourth entry in the Ghostsign's calendar contest.  Go to their facebook and vote for your favorites, by "liking" the picture.  The 12 with the most "likes" will be selected for the international calendar. 
Several of you have already voted for the three entries we submitted previously, and I thank you greatly!  And, we hope you like this one enough to "like" it too!

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