Friday, November 30, 2012

The Big O

The Old Market, Omaha, Nebraska.  It's a former warehouse district that's been gentrified.  It's been a cool hangout for years, and it wasn't until I hit it on this trip that I knew how cool.
Because of the signs.  I knew I'd find a couple, but, jeez.  I felt like a big game hunter who stumbled upon a nature preserve.

My host for the day, D.L. Hudson, was kind enough to not only drive me to the Old Market, but was also patient as I got giddy over faded paint on old brick.
And soon, he was pointing out signs, like this Schlitz "doormat", comparing it to a Toynbee Tile.
Many more Omaha signs coming... 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

More from the Tracks

Mendota, IL
The Eahlers sign, not so much the Setchell.
Take with the Droid, from the window of a moving Amtrak car.  Oddly enough, if you look at the building on Google Maps/Streetview, the picture quality isn't that different.  So, obviously, it's always overcast in Mendota, and Google uses camera phones.

The Joy of Discovery. And the Pain of Obliviousness.

This is in the alleyway behind the Macy's building.  It's near other ghost signs, and close to a big, ugly 70's mural.  I'd noticed the Shaftway (whatever that means) sign before, but didn't pay it much attention, because it didn't immediately meet the strictest criteria* for this blog. 
It wasn't until yesterday when I happened to notice the painted awnings. 
So: happy for finding something.  Sad for not seeing it before.
*The strictest criteria meaning arbitrary rules created and ignored by me when convenient.

What Once Was

On Main Street.  It was the Second National Bank.
(More photos from the trip a-comin'.)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Galesburg, IL

Picture 1 is from the westward trip.  In Picture 2, the train is headed east.

Not meeting any of the qualifications for a ghost sign really, but I liked the artwork.

Long Time Gone

I'm back from travels.

Amtrak took me partway across the country to visit family and friends,

but I saw so much more.

(There are a few photos from the windows of the train, but many more that are better.)

Monday, November 12, 2012


A friend I hadn't talked to in a while called me Sunday, and invited me on a walk.  We strolled through OTR, with me stopping every few feet, and taking a picture of walls.

I told her what I was doing, about this blog, and such, and within a few blocks, I noticed she was looking up.  Eventually, she started spotting, and picked out a couple I'd missed. 
This was the first of the day, on 12th, between Race and Vine.  And this beaut is on the other side of the building.
And with that, I'm taking a vacation.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

She's a Fine Girl

Just off of Central Parkway.


This is 'round the back from this.

Updating Now, Because I Won't Update Later

I'm going on vacation later this week, so you're getting a bunch of updates now, to keep you satiated.

Main Street.  You may remember the lower sign from this entry.

Over the Ice Cream

Running vertically on the right, it clearly says "DRUGS", but other than that, I can't decipher much.

Walnut Street, above a now defunct ice cream parlor.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Van Meter?

Cummins Street, just south of Dempsey.
I'm sure that's a name, and not a device used to measure vans.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Weekend Update

Everytime I think I've captured every ghost sign in Downtown Cincinnati, I'm pleasantly proven wrong.

And I feel a little stupid, considering how many times I've passed this building on Race, between Court and Central Parkway.
I wonder if elves are secretly uncovering signs, or painting psuedo-old signs, because it's not as if I haven't looked at this building before, looking for signs.

Friday, November 2, 2012

We Are Not Alone

I've only glanced at American Ghosts, but they seem to take their ghost signs/faded ad art pretty seriously.  Some great shots, even though they misspelled "Cincinnati".

Right on the front page, in the introduction, they refer to a cigar ad in Prescott, Arkansas, that makes me wonder if this one in Camp Washington is related.

This one, you've seen, in a previous entry.  I thought I'd try a new camera out today, and also post a pic of what's on the other side of the same building:

And this one, at 7th and Main... I've been eyeballing it for a while. I was pretty sure I'd collected this one last year, but apparently not.  There's no record of it in my files. 

Although, I suspect, I may have tried to do something arty with the Quaker Oats sign, on the north side of the Dennison Hotel, and failed, throwing the whole thing away, and forgetting to capture this solo.