Monday, September 18, 2017

A Walk to Walnut Hills

We became aware of this sign in Walnut Hills recently, and decided to hike up to get a picture.
There's not much legible, other than "measure" and "school."

Along the way we decided to revisit some old favorites, like this one, on Gilbert.
(Note the faint "Finn" above the Ohio Blue Print sign.

Still on Gilbert. Not a sign, but we've featured a few of these alarm boxes before.

On McMillan. Across from the old Kroger. Definitely an old favorite.
We hope as the building is renovated, the developer decides to keep it.

With a photobomb from a more modern eye-catching device.
Note the painted-over chicken.

Probably was a glorious neon sign when it was created.

A very curious building. The doors are marked "men" and "women".
And above that, in the center, there's more lettering we can't quite make out.

If one is going to walk to Walnut Hills, one has to walk back.
We noticed this on the hill on Vine Street.

And it looks a mess, but we're still certain this wall just above Liberty, where Main turns into McMicken, there was a sign here.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


In Hamilton, at 127 and Heaton, we saw this on a recent pass through the community.
Is it a partial "Hamilton", or simply "Milton"?

We didn't have time to look around the rest of the building, but on the east side, Google Earth shows us more ghost signage, for Mohawk Papers and "machine shop."

Monday, September 11, 2017

Brewery District

We found this a couple of Sundays ago, at Mohawk and Stonewall.

We can't make out much, other than what looks like German lettering.

As to the neighborhood, we're not sure. The county lists it as OTR, if you were talk to neighbors, they might say Mohawk, which is not a recognized neighborhood. But it also may be considered Fairview.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Meanwhile at the Museum

We toured the Cincinnati Museum Center yesterday, and while these aren't ads, they are faded, and thusly, pretty cool.

The 5 and 6? This was a parking garage back when Union Terminal was primarily a train station. 

Always good advice.

More parking information.