Tuesday, November 19, 2013

International Attention for Cincinnati

Yes, there are other people in the world who appreciate those faded advertisements, ghost signs, on the sides of old buildings, and right now, some of them are in the midst of a contest.
The 12 most popular ghost signs from around the world will appear in a 2014 calendar.  And I think that since Cincinnati has so many fantastic ghost signs, there's no reason it shouldn't dominate in the voting.
How to vote, and get Cincinnati foremost in the minds of ghost sign hunters?  Go to their facebook page, and Like the photos you like
Which ones are from Cincinnati?  These:

(Yes, it's a duplicate.)

Once again, simply go to the ghost signs page, and click "Like" on the individual photo.  And share this with your friends. 
Fans of ghost signs do travel a bit, and while it may be a stretch to imagine Cincinnati attracting photographers and tourists like the swallows of Capistrano, having a few entries in the calendar couldn't hurt but garner a little more publicity for the city.
Voting ends around noon, London-time, this Friday. 
Thank you, in advance.

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