Friday, April 5, 2013

UPDATED: The Cost of Fame

This was bound to happen.  I feared that with our mention in CityBeat, ghost signs would become all the rage.  And the poseurs are coming out of the woodwork.  Everyone's suddenly interested in ghost signs.  Like Mr. J. Carr, vice president of the award-winning OTR Pipe Club, shown here, posing along Liberty, between Main and Walnut. 
Yup.  The artform is about to be watered down, and those of us who truly love ghost signs will find ourselves... well, I don't know.  Ideally, looked upon as senior experts, as wise elders.  But, more likely dismayed, not unlike original fans of Star Wars were when a new generation of "fans" embraced the three "prequels". 
But, that aside, according to the Internet, Don's is closed.  Or not.  It's not quite clear.  However, on the front of the building, there used to be more advertising.  (I say "used to", because Google Streetview clearly shows the camshaft art, but I can't recall seeing them.  Investigating this afternoon.  Watch for updates.)
And, the red building on the left has a ghost too.

Albeit one I am hoping to get a better shot of, someday.

It is with mixed feelings I say this is all that is left of Don's signage.  Mixed because it's too bad we lost those beautiful camshafts, and it's good that I'm not so oblivious that I never noticed them before.

And as promised, a better angle on the neighbor.

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