Monday, April 8, 2013

Sprechen sie Deutsche?

13th and Walnut.
The edifice was recently given the touch up of plywood sheets, brightly painted to resemble doors and windows and window floor pots.
BUT, compare this photo with the Google Earth shot, and you'll soon realize when they did the makeover, they also uncovered the Germanic lettering across the top. 
We've lost a couple of signs to urban renewal lately, (see also, and also this), so it's nice to see this. 


  1. Here it is 4 1/2 years ago, before the candy-colored plywood. A commenter wrote that the sign says, "German Mutual Insurance Company of Cincinnati or 'Deutsche Gegenseitige Versicherungs-Gesellschaft von Cincinnati'."

    1. I was hoping you'd know.

      Interesting. It wasn't visible on Google SV. But then, the resolution isn't always good.
      At least when they "spiffied" it up, they left the sign.

  2. There's a ghost sign [wholesale/retail] on a recently rehabbed building on Vine. I noticed it when it was uncovered and made sure to get a photo, certain that it was the last time I'd see it, but they actually left it intact. Nice!