Tuesday, April 22, 2014

On Another Note...

Magnificent architecture.

Up top, we mean.  Because if you look at ground level, there's that modern steel-and-glass thing going on.
Now, what's even more interesting is what's on the back of this building.

The favored theory among Cincinnati's ghost sign community is that after the Lyric Piano Company stopped selling pianos, and before it was turned into apartments, the building was home to a Burger Chef.  
Of course, Cincinnati's ghost sign community consists of about two people.

(There's also something on the side, in the alley way, that appears to have been painted over.  Not much to look at, but we still need to get a picture of that.)

And on the building to the right, there's this:

Which is the subject of an ongoing debate.  Is it, or isn't it?


  1. It's April. Are the Christmas decorations not worth noting? ;)

  2. At least they have Reds stuff at ground level.