Monday, April 28, 2014

Mead's Grocery

We got a tip late last week from D.S. Spencer about some recently uncovered ghost signage.

Billboards on the bottom half of this building had been brought down, revealing the sign for Mead's Grocery, at the corner of Vine and Mitchell.

So many of our discoveries lately have been faded beyond recognition, so this find was spectacular.
The top half had been visible for a while, but we still hadn't seen it before.

Barq's signs are rather common around Cincinnati, but this may be the first Tom Collins Jr ad we've seen.
Tom Collins Jr. was locally produced.  But that's about all we know.

Vernor's is still around today.  It was always a favorite of my father.

Many, many thanks go out to D.S. Spencer for the heads up on this treasure!

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