Monday, June 17, 2013

Son of a...

We've lost another one.  12th Street, between Vine and Race.
What's really infuriating about this?  Why it's been covered.
Here's what it used to look like, and a little history:
ArtWorks is painting one of ten murals on this building, Tender Mercies.
I like the mural program.  I really like what the City of Cincinnati, and ArtWorks have done.  However, I'm saddened that few, very few people see ghost signs as art. 


  1. Grr, I know! I'm mixed on this but will wait to see the mural before I pass judgment. It might be the coolest mural ever; you never know. It is a complete bummer about the cool ghost sign, though.

  2. It could be the coolest mural ever. But it could also be painted somewhere else. I'm not blaming ArtWorks. After all, Tender Mercies obviously didn't like the American Luggage ad. They're the ones who offered the space.