Monday, January 21, 2013

UPDATED....Signs of a Different Sort

Off topic, but, I think he deserves the mention.  The Hat Guy was a fixture in Cincinnati for years, and his passing saddens me.  I knew him well enough to know his real name, and he knew me enough to "demand" I take his picture when we crossed paths.  I feel badly, because in the winter, I'd see him walking without a coat.  Instead, he'd have a baby blanket wrapped around his shoulders.  I often thought about buying a coat for him, but never did. 
The Hamilton County Coroner's Office was closed today, for Martin Luther King Junior Day, so, the cause of death hasn't been released.  Channel 5 says he died Saturday, at the motel on Central Parkway, where he had been living.
His room was burglarized last fall.  When President Obama spoke at Eden Park, someone broke into Avtar's room.  He told me he felt they were targeting him, and knew he would be at the President's speech.  The last time we talked about it, he said he wasn't sure if anything was stolen, because the room had been trashed. 
Hat Guy, you will be missed.
There's a number of blogs and facebook pages that have sprung up since Monday.   Like this one: HatMan Movement.

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