Monday, January 14, 2013

Is they is, or is they ain't?

Spotting ghost signs isn't always easy.  Sometimes, what I think is a sign may only be discoloration.  To brighten up your Monday, here's a collection of Maybees.  Put your guesses in the comment box.
1.  Northside
2. Over-the-Rhine.  If there wasn't a sign up there, there should have been.
3.  Downtown.  Race Street.
4. Over-the-Rhine.  To the right of the display window.
5.  Over-the-Rhine.  Just off of Main, on 14th.
6.  Omaha.  Old Market.
7.  Downtown.  5th and Plum.
8.  Walnut Hills.  Gilbert Avenue.
9. Downtown.  On Broadway.
Honestly, I think most of these aren't ghost signs.  I think it's just a case of I'm seeing that which I seek.

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