Monday, October 1, 2012

Mind: Blown

Heard a story on WVXU about UC scanning old photos of Cincinnati, and posting them online.  And I went to look.  And I found a classic photo of a wall ad, pre-fade.

But then, I started looking at the structure, and I realized I knew what it was: The Mockbee Building, on Central Parkway.

And then I took a closer look, and realized something was missing between then and today.  AN ENTIRE FLOOR was chopped off the top of the west side.  Who does that?!?
There is/was a nightclub/art gallery/hipster event hall inside, called fittingly The Mockbee, but it does not appear to be operational.  Other than a company with the same name that sells fasteners and joints and stuff, in Northside, I've been able to find out zip about this place.  I was hoping Queen City Tour would have sumptin.


  1. The Mockbee currently houses artists' studios; Able Projects is a tenant there. If you check out the building from the front [McMicken side], you can see their small sign on the front.

    Anyway, I love the historic photo. It's unbelievable that an entire floor was removed!

  2. It is definitely on my list! This building was once the home of Bellevue Brewery from the 1860's up until prohibition.

    1. Based on the rather large crack up the side of the building in the older picture I would say that the photo was taken around the time the subway tunnels were being dug. A lot of buildings along Central Parkway were damaged during the dig.

  3. Wonder if that's what led to the removal of that top floor.