Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Behind the Scenes

It was suggested that visitors would like to know this histories behind some of the buildings, or the signs themselves, featured here.  Hell, I'm curious myself, but was reluctant to invest that much time in research.
But, what the hell.  Beats drinking one's self to death.
I checked out these books, as a first step.  And while they were fascinating, they weren't all that helpful. There are dozens of pictures of faded signs, (pre-fade).  But, unfortunately, there are a couple of problems: Some of the best photos of wall advertisements are not labeled with location, and aren't easily identifiable.  And many of the buildings have been torn down.
To provide an example, I did some cross-referencing with Google Maps/Street View.  There was a photo of Findlay Market with a wall ad in the background.  And no matter which angle I looked from, that wall doesn't exist.  The building doesn't exist.
There was one on Elm, behind Crosley Square; completely painted over. 
About the closest I came to actually learning something was there was a cigar factory here called "Ibold".  I've seen a couple of cigar ads that obviously say "bold", and I'm seeing a connection.

But, ever onward.  There are still more books. 

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