Sunday, March 5, 2017

Reader Submission

We were alerted to this recently uncovered gem by a Mr. D. Spencer.

It's on the north side of a building at Main and Central Parkway.
It's a mess, and we doubt it will be visible for long, so we're glad to have received the heads up!


  1. The building at 1019 Main St once housed Wuest's Yarn Store, founded by Edward J Wuest. Wuest was a prominent businessman, and he served as the fuel rationing representative of the Office of Price Administration here in Cincinnati during WWII. He also served as Superintendent of the Glenview and Hillcrest Schools, which were homes for disadvantaged youth. In addition, he served as Chairman of the Child Welfare Board of Hamilton County and ran for City Council twice. His father, Al, was a former Cincinnati Enquirer assistant city editor and deputy IRS collector.