Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Here Today

While our Western Field Agent, Mr. D.L. Hudson was in the city, we walked through Over-the-Rhine to show him some of our best ghost signs.

On Race, he pointed this out, and asked why we hadn't featured it yet.

It's not that old.  It's not that grand.  But, it is ghost signage, and he persuaded us to capture it.

We're glad he did, because someday, it will be gone.  Like this:

Doesn't look familiar?  This is what was here before they paved it and put up a parking lot, just south of Findlay Market.
Yes. We lost another.


  1. Whoa! I can't believe the Philco ghost sign is gone! Is that building now gone as well? I guess I haven't walked up Pleasant St. in a few months.

    1. The whole kit and caboodle. Gone. We were shocked and disappointed.