Friday, August 15, 2014

Keeping the Artform Alive

Cincinnati artist Rick Janney was commissioned to work on signage for Suder's Art Store in Over-the-Rhine.
After visiting Faded Ad Art, he was inspired to create his own ghost sign.

We hope others take note of his work, and are inspired to preserve existing ghost signs, or to create future faded ad art.

Special bonus:

Next door to the Suders' lot, the barest remnant of a sign.

Rick has seen it too.


  1. So, Janney painted the "parking" ghost sign-inspired sign to complement the watercolor ghost sign? I've never been in the Suder's parking lot, so I don't know if that one is genuine. Is it?

  2. He created both from scratch. There was a "customer parking only" sign there before, but it wasn't as cool.