Thursday, February 27, 2014




A couple of years ago, a landmark OTR business, Smitty's, caught fire.  
This is what's left, across the street from the Kroger.  
(The first photo is not from the fire, but I used it anyway. Because I also like fire trucks.)

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  1. For anyone who's curious, I've got some photos of Smitty's at this location. It was a cacophony of crazy signage! The store is now just up the street from this block, still with tons of signs, but they were all commissioned at the same time and are much less haphazard.

    If you check out my post, you can see that, years ago, we found one of their "shoes" signs in the trash [before the fire] and took it home. We still have it and, now, it's a relic from the old Smitty's.