Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Not the Usual Fare

Because it's built into the side of the structure, instead of painted. 
On 12th, as seen from Vine.
UPDATE 3/10/13:
R E P something something something.


  1. One cool thing about this building is that it was rehabbed a years ago, so the outside got repainted but the "hotel" didn't just get painted over. Honestly, that's what I'd expected.

    Across the street is a large ghost sign that says something along the lines of "leather goods, fibre cases, trunks, luggage, sample cases," and also a tiled entryway with 3D-style "Aronoff."

  2. Yes! And that luggage ad is one of the first entries here! I've seen the "Aronoff", was hoping you had.