Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Indianapolis, Part Two

As viewed from atop the Soldiers and Sailors 
Monument in Monument Circle.

 It's the north side of a building 
featured in the previous entry.
Across the top, we can make out "..... Building"
and below that: ".... Second Floor"

We prefer painted ghost sigsn,
but this was still rather cool.

(As always, click to enlargen.)

Friday, May 10, 2024

Throw me the idol. I throw you the whip


You might think we're looking at the McQuat, or even the Conrad signs. 
But no. It's the red building in the middle.

"Tailoring Co.
Second Floor" is all we can make out.

We were in Indianapolis recently.
That's where the title of this entry comes from:
It's a line from Raiders of the Lost Ark, 
whose main character is nicknamed Indiana.

Yes. It's a stretch. Sorry.

Sharp-eyed readers will notice the McQuat sign again.

Experienced ghost sign hunters know that if there's one
ghost sign, there's a good chance there are others
Even if they're illegible.

Downtown Indianapolis doesn't have a lot of ghost signs.
Many of the buildings are new.

And many of the old ones are limestone,
which, correct me if I'm wrong,
isn't easily paintable because 
it "drinks" the paint.

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

South Fairmount


Along Queen City Avenue.

What's particularly interesting, is that there's a painted
sign on the brick: "Home of the State Avenue..."
and the rest is covered by the Summit View Apartments sign.
(They are still open.)

On the western face of the building.
Nigh unreadable.

But it reinforces the rule:
Find a ghost sign,
check the other side of the building.

(Thanks to Ms. J. Fiesta for the assist.)

Monday, March 18, 2024



Thanks to Ms. J. Fiesta for these contributions
from the Windy City.

Very 70s, or even 80s; an era
where sign painting is rather rare.

New Richmond


we didn't have to dig too deep to learn
about this company and building
which is visible from US 52.

"At one time much of the baseball yarns required by the American, National, and minor baseball leagues came from Clasgens."

We particularly appreciated this tidbit,
as we near baseball season.

Friday, March 8, 2024

Newly uncovered, and forever gone


This plastic molded sign outside a long-closed salon 
at 15th and Elm always held a certain appeal.
It's gone now, but...

Along the 15th Street side of the building we found 
a sign on the door, and...

More recently, the wooden panels were removed
from above the windows, revealing the 
building's use before it was a salon.

And, not too far away...

This sign is gone, along with the building it was
attached to near Central Parkway and Liberty.