Thursday, April 27, 2023

Odds and Ends

First, a revisit, as we watch as different versions of this 
monumental sign fade and bleed through.
(McMicken, just west of Vine.) 

Not our normal fare, but this just always struck me
as a really cool name.
(On the curve going up Vine Street out of OTR.)

(On the back of the old Morlein Brewery.)


Tuesday, April 18, 2023


We regret taking our time to revisit this gem a block east of Findlay Market.

We wonder what the graffiti hides.

A little further up Vine Street, at McMicken.
We've had our eye on this for a while, wondering
if there was anything hidden under the white paint.

The overhanging sign seems to be a goner.

And while there was probably something there once 
upon a time, it's gone now.


Sunday, April 16, 2023

A New Find and a Questionable Find


On Vine Street in Mount Auburn.
It's a pretty heavily traveled street, and we wonder 
why we hadn't seen this earlier. We strongly 
suspect there was another building blocking it
that was recently torn down.

Green Street, between Race and Elm.
We have some questions about this one.

It looks to be in really good shape, save the name of the proprietor
being unreadable. Suggests it was covered by boards or something.
But if you look at the Google Street View from 2018
there's no indication of a physical barrier protecting the lettering.
And there's no indication of lettering either.
Even more peculiar, the thin rods running the length of the sign are visible
in the Google Street View, as are the brackets on the corner.
And neither the brackets nor the rods seem to have been disturbed.
 So, we're not sure if this is a true ghost sign or a clever reproduction.

Saturday, April 15, 2023


 Regular visitors to this blog will recognize 

that we strongly encourage revisiting signs.

Here's why.

We'd often argued there was lettering beneath the red paint

here at 12th and Republic. And they laughed at us.

But just recently, those letters have started to become more legible.

And who's laughing now?? Huh? Who's laughing now???

Here's another you might recognize. It's on McMicken, by the Rothenburg School.

The letter has clarified itself to the point where we can now read Bull Durham,
a once popular brand of chewing tobacco. 

There's also the arrow on the right, pointing people straight ahead,
which suggests the writing across the top is the name of a local market.

Another favorite where the yellow has faded, revealing another sign beneath.

Granted, the signs may not have changed all that much, but the cameras
in our phones certainly have improved.

Monday, December 12, 2022

Lower Price Hill

Along River Road, a bit west of State Street.

The circles on either end were probably logos for Coke. Or Pepsi. Or Barq's. Or something like that.

West 8th. We've featured this before, but this is a much better photograph.


Monday, December 5, 2022

Chester and Deshler Nebraska

On the border of Nebraska and Kansas, along US 81, sits Chester, Nebraska. 

Named for President Arthur, home of six-man football and to this one ghost sign.

Just north and west sits Deshler, Nebraska.


Thursday, December 1, 2022

Seneca Kansas

Like Belleville, Seneca is another community we'd passed by numerous times, but never checked out.
And we're glad we did.

Cremo Cigars: founded in 1896, and get this:
Although cigars are little more expensive today.

We can clearly make out Hall, but not the word atop it.

And we can see the signature: Roderick.

The ghost sign is to the left, on the taller building. 
We cropped this to include the Seneca postcard-style sign on the right.

There's some disagreement, but some of us see the word "Flour"
along the top, towards the right side.

A Google image search turns up a number of other similar signs, many painted with blue.
And endorsements by Shoeless Joe Jackson.

On the west side of the building with the Cremo sign: Furniture?